Welcome to Kesho UK


Kesho* UK aim to improve the life chances of children through the education of disadvantaged young people in the Kilifi, Bahari and Ganze district in Coast Province, Kenya.

*KESHO means 'tomorrow" in Swahili. Today's education is tomorrow's future

Kesho UK was registered as a charity in the UK on 19th January 2012 and currently provides funding for Kesho Organisation, a Kenyan charity operating in the Coast Province.

Nearly 400 children have been sponsored to date. This year (2012) we are sponsoring 268 children and young adults from Nursery through to University level. Of the secondary school graduates this year (2012) 34% have qualified for University and 31% for College to study for a degree or diploma. These are remarkable results considering the District average is just 10% for both University and College.


Registered Charity Number 1145531