Kate & James Nokes - Bath Half Marathon


Thanks so so much for everyone who sponsored us. We raised around £1,000.

It was the most brilliant event. 15,000 competitors on the day and the streets were lined with supporters and bands the whole way. James said he felt like a celebrity from all the attention; and from the photo the boys took as we passed outside our house, he looked like he got into the part pretty well

Final results… roughly 2 hours 20 minutes and position 8,000 and something! The Kenyans got 1st and 3rd place (hurray!); the winner completing in just 1 hour and 1 minute - a course record. He lapped us at what for him was the 9 mile mark and for us, the 3 mile one! Properly inspiring to watch.

Here are a few pictures…before and after! More have been posted on the fundraising page and on the Kesho blog too. Take a look!


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