Kate & James Nokes - Bath Half Marathon 2020


Kate and James Nokes are running the Bath Half Marathon again this September, and this time they've managed to persuade their three boys Wilf, Stan and Bert to join them. They have set up a JustGiving page especially for this event and if you'd like to give them your support you can find the page at...


Sep 2017


Thanks so so much for everyone who sponsored us. We raised around £1,000.

It was the most brilliant event. 15,000 competitors on the day and the streets were lined with supporters and bands the whole way. James said he felt like a celebrity from all the attention; and from the photo the boys took as we passed outside our house, he looked like he got into the part pretty well

Final results… roughly 2 hours 20 minutes and position 8,000 and something! The Kenyans got 1st and 3rd place (hurray!); the winner completing in just 1 hour and 1 minute - a course record. He lapped us at what for him was the 9 mile mark and for us, the 3 mile one! Properly inspiring to watch.

Here are a few pictures…before and after! More have been posted on the fundraising page and on the Kesho blog too. Take a look!


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