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Kesho* UK aims to improve the life chances of children through the education of disadvantaged young people in the Kilifi North, South and Ganze Sub Counties at the coast of Kenya.

*KESHO means 'tomorrow" in Swahili. Today's education is tomorrow's future

Kesho UK was registered as a charity in the UK on 19th January 2012 and at present meets it's aims by providing funding for Kesho Organisation, a Kenyan charity operating in the Coast Province, and other charities in that area.

Whilst primary school in Kenya is ‘free’ families still have to provide uniforms and
undertake other costs to ensure their children are in school. Currently, all secondary school
students have to pay regular fees subject to the category of school. Although the government
subsidized the fees, the payable amount still prohibits thousands of young Kenyans from
accessing education. Kilifi’s literacy levels are amongst the lowest in the country
(www.uwezo.com) and classrooms with up to 100 children are not uncommon.

The Millennium Goals in Kenya identified Kilifi for future investment and development;
Kesho Kenya is preparing these young and professional leaders of the future to take up the
exciting opportunities on the horizon and make a positive change to their region. In 2018,
Kesho Kenya continued supporting 656 children on their academic journey from primary
through to university (See table). Financial support is the gateway through which students,
once with Kesho are offered a holistic programme of support tailored to their needs including
child protection, leadership opportunities, reproductive health advice and literacy support.
With help from the schools and local community leaders, Kesho has expanded its literacy and
health education programmes and also implemented a child safeguarding project in eight
schools in the county reaching out to over 1,678 children in 2018.

90% of Kesho Kenya primary school children qualified for secondary school in 2015 scoring >200 marks in their National KCPE exam.

Statistics for 2018
Educational Level No. Supported
Primary 152
Secondary 348
Tertiary 128
Vocational 28
Totals 656


Registered Charity Number 1145531