Welcome to Kesho UK


Kesho* UK aim to improve the life chances of children through the education of disadvantaged young people in the Kilifi, Bahari and Ganze district in Coast Province, Kenya.

*KESHO means 'tomorrow" in Swahili. Today's education is tomorrow's future

Kesho UK was registered as a charity in the UK on 19th January 2012 and at present meets it's aims by providing funding for Kesho Organisation, a Kenyan charity operating in the Coast Province, and other charities in that area.

It is not free to go to school in Kenya. Many children don't start school or drop out along the way. Even at government schools you have to pay for education.

Kesho Kenya helps children get started at school and remain in education until they are ready to find employment. Some leave right after primary school, others not until they have completed university.

100% of Kesho Kenya assisted Secondary School Students qualified for Diploma and Degree Courses at Tertiary College or University in 2014 and 2015 compared to only 13% in Coast Region.

90% of Kesho Kenya primary school children qualified for secondary school in 2015 scoring >200 marks in their National KCPE exam.


Registered Charity Number 1145531