Neil Davis - Cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats


I used to cycle 7 miles each way to school when I was 16, so surely now in my 50's, a 960 mile ride across Britain should be doable ? Age aside, my trip to school was flat ( I grew up near Cambridge) whereas this ride is not. But it's there, and it needs to done.

Kesho is a great charity, offering access to education for the most disadvantaged of children on the East Coast of Kenya. FPS have supported them for a number of years so this just adds a little more to that support.

As part of a group ride, so I'll have fellow riders to share the fun with, we are cycling 'LEJOG' over 9 days in September.

I am really doing it because it's there, but several people have asked if they can sponsor me, so why not I say.

If a few people can put in 1p a mile, plus I zigzag a little, that gets us to say £10' plus a little gift aid, well it all mounts up.

Thanks in advance for you support.


If you'd like to encourage Neil in his marathon cyle ride, you can spur them on with a donation through his "MyDonate" page at

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