Oxford Brookes University Donates Eight Laptops To Kesho


Our thanks go out to Oxford Brookes University who have donated eight laptops from their PC Hire scheme to Kesho UK for use at Kesho in Kilifi, Kenya.

The donation couldn't have come at a better time for Kesho. In the middle of last year they had a number of computers stolen. Geoff Powell, the Computer Services Counter Manager at Oxford Brookes heard of the loss through our trustee, Pauline Lowe. Geoff runs a PC Hire scheme at Oxford Brookes and arranged for the donation of eight laptops that had been retired from the scheme.

Whilst not quite up to the demands of Brookes students, these laptops are ideal for the students at Kesho who have limited access to computers and the internet. These laptops will allow Kesho students to increase their computer literacy which is essential for life at university.

The pictures below show Geoff and Pauline with Kesho students in Kilifi, many of whom are getting to grips with computers for the first time: